3 Twitter Success Stories Examples

Some Twitter success stories that would be able to inspire you to start using Twitter to advertise your goods and services would include:
Oreo is a brand that needs to always remind customers of its existence. People would not suddenly think that they want to eat Oreo on their own, but if Oreo can force customers to think about it, chances are the customer’s appetite would be enticed. Twitter has helped tremendously with that by constantly reminding customers of a delicious little treat called Oreo.You may want to click to find out more .

• Virgin America
Virgin America has made many campaigns through Twitter. The company has even marketed Twitter-only discounts and bonuses that attract a huge number of following very effectively. Virgin America is a major company from the start, but with the help of Twitter, the brand is getting more and more recognition.

Marvel has a competitive advantage because most of Marvel’s customers are die-hard fans that eat up every new information about Marvel’s superheroes. But still, if Marvel does not have a platform through which the company can communicate effectively with the fans, the excitement would die out sooner or later. This is something that Marvel realizes. Because of that, Marvel has created a portal for the fans to communicate, and that is done through Twitter. Thanks to Twitter, Marvel fans can now communicate with one another as well as with the company. Their enthusiasm is kept alive and Marvel thrives even more.